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AuditISX 2.31.1


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AuditISX 2.31.1 Review

AuditISX is intended to be a Freeware program for auditing the local or remote network(s) of a small to medium type of business, with mainly a Windows Architecture infrastructure. The Suite was developed by Krolrules, with information and source codes gathered from numerous authors from the web in forums and distributed freeware code. Developed with the .Net Framework, this tool will audit your network
workstations and servers, and give you a clear and plentiful amount of data to analyze whatever aspects of hardware or software you intend to focus on.

AuditISX audits the following:

Hard drives
Mapped drives
Shares and permissions of shares
All Software
Running processes
Services startup configurations
Multimedia (Video, sound, DVD/CD-RW, PVR)
Operating System
Ports (serial, USB, Firewire)
WindowsUpdate settings, and latest hotfixes applied
Network Card and Network Properties
Plus a whole lot more!

Download today at! Freeware!

Program system requirements: .Net Framwork v2.0, MDAC 2.8, PIII or higher CPU, 128MB ram, 50MB HDD free space

New in this version: New Release! Microsoft SQL 200/2005/MSDE/SQL Express, Oracle, and XML support!

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